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nat_shep asked 7 years ago

I was wondering if you can recommend the best way to get to Punta Islita. We will be traveling in April, and have the last two nights of our stay at Hotel Punta Islita (free nights- score!). We will be coming from La Fortuna/Arenal area. Since we’re not renting a car, would taking the public bus be the best option? Punta Islita seems like a relatively obscure area… so I’m not sure if any major bus systems go directly there. Alternatively, would it be better to take a bus to Sámara, and then just make that quick commute?
Any tips for getting from Punta Islita to SJO airport?
Thank you SO much for your advice – your page has helped make this vacation planning so much easier and less stressful!!! 🙂
Pura vida,

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Natalie,
Taking the bus from La Fortuna to Samara would take a very long time (looks like almost 10 hrs) and you would have to make 4 connections (at Tilaran, Canas, Liberia, and Nicoya). It would be much easier to get a shared shuttle van that would take about 5 hours ($54/pp). We work with Interbus and can get you a discount if you book 2 or more transfers through us (see our Discounts Page for more info). From Samara, I couldn’t easily find a bus schedule to Punta Islita but you might be able to ask the resort/hotel if there is one. It probably wouldn’t run very often though, so you might have to get a cab or different shuttle transfer from there.