Getting from Nosara to Ostional in November

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drmashbu asked 7 years ago

We are flying into Liberia on Nov 10th then going into Tamarindo for 2 or 3 nights then driving to Nosara till November 15th. I am wanting to go to Ostional for turtles but I read you cannot cross the river in rainy season, do I need to rethink this route or is there a easy way around?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi drmashbu,
You are right that access to Ostional from Nosara can be tricky in the rainy season. Sometimes with heavy rain the river between the two towns is not safe to cross (remember too that river crossings are not covered under rental car agreements). But the river is not always that bad and mid-November is toward the end of the rainier months. If the river isn’t easily passable in a rental car, you could always hire someone with a more serious 4×4 to take you across. Also, you’ll have to get lucky with the timing of the turtles. They typically come in big numbers (called an Arribada) a week or so before a new moon but sometimes make up their own schedule too. The best thing to do is follow the Facebook page of the Ostional Guides ( They report turtle sightings and let people know when a good time to visit is. Hope you get to see some!   

Natawie18 replied 7 years ago

Ok !!! I was also planing to go to Ostional to see the turles ! Actually I was thinking of driving from Tamarindo to Nosara and sleep one night there so we can go to Ostional to see the turtles. And then I wanted to drive form Nosara to Samara. I’m going to rent a SUV our 4×4 and we’re going at the end of november… but we’re two women travelling and one is my 77 years old mother !

From what I read in this forum and in your section of the website describing the CR routes …. my plan is not a good idea ?! Even if we take route 21 and 150 instead … there is no choice to go to Ostional than driving on route 160 ?

Do you know if there is some tours that can get us from Samara to Ostional to see those turtles ? And I guess it would have to be a night tour ?

Since we will also stay in Playa Grande, do you think we should just do the “turtle” seeing overthere ?

Thanks !

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