kendallfelix asked 7 years ago

Your site is amazing, thank you!  My husband and I were engaged and then later married in CR.  We are returning now 10 years later with our two boys, ages 4 and 7.
We are staying at a coffee plantation NE of SJO for a couple nights, then heading out to Manuel Antonio for 4 days and then down to Oso Peninsula for 5 days.  We are scheduled to have a driver take us from SJO area to MA, and then MA down to Oso.  We are flying back to SJO from Oso.  My question for you is should we fly instead to maximize our time in each town?  Thank you in advance!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi kendallfelix, 
Flights would definitely save time. One from San Jose to Manuel Antonio (Quepos) would be nice and of course from the Osa back to San Jose. But it might not be necessary for the stretch from Manuel Antonio to the Osa. That drive doesn’t have much traffic and is very pretty for a good part of it. Even the drive from San Jose to Manuel Antonio can be enjoyable, especially if the driver stops at some places (like the Tarcoles River bridge to see crocodiles). Then again flying is pretty fun and you have great views from the small plane. So maybe mix it up and do a bit of both.