Justin Zammit asked 6 years ago

Hi – We have a group of 8 going to the Viejo area in October and were wondering if we should drive the whole way from SJ or fly to Limon and rent a car there for the rest of the way? Thanks for any help!

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Justin, 
The drive to Puerto Viejo is pretty easy as long as you do it during the day. It is not recommended at night. For 8 people with luggage, you would need 2 SUV-type vehicles. You can use our Rental Car Discount to save a good chunk of money on those. Occasionally there are road closures on Route 32 because of landslides that may block the road for short periods of time. But this depends greatly on the weather. October is generally drier on the Caribbean slope with the exception of tropical depressions which may pass through. Flying would definitely eliminate the possibility of road closures, however Costa Rica’s domestic airlines are not the most reliable right now. We’ve heard of flights being cancelled very last minute lately. Flying is also probably more costly for 8 of you. If you didn’t want to drive the long distance yourself, you could  consider shuttling to Puerto Viejo and then renting cars once you get there. There are larger shuttle vans (6-9 passenger) that would hold your whole group. The price is around $425 for a van that size. If you need help arranging one, just contact us through our Shuttle Bookings page and we will get back to you. Hope this helps and you have a great trip!