Flights to Costa Rica near Christmas

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Carl Reese asked 6 years ago

Hi, my question involves flights to Costa Rica at the holidays.
My mother in law rented all the cabins at a resort in Esterillos Oeste from Dec 22 to Dec 28, 2018 and she did this so that all her kids and their families could have a family reunion of a life time. Yes, my mother in law is awesome but I digress.

She chose Costa Rica because my wife and I have been to CR and highly recommended it. We did not travel there during the Christmas Holidays and our flight round trip was under $500 per person. My mother in law already paid $12,000 for the resort for 32 people. There is a concern and questions coming really.

Concern: flights to Costa Rica from Los Angeles during the holidays are $1500 and there are about 32 of us going. The math starts to hurt.

Questions: is it likely that rates could drop? Are there ways to buy plane tickets in bulk and get a break?

I am apt to have lots of questions since I volunteered to help her plan a trip to a foreign country for dozens of people ranging from a baby to 73 years old.

I love your books by the way.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Carl, 
That’s an amazing mother in law that you have but yes, that is very pricey for flights. Yikes! We’ve had clients from California have good luck getting inexpensive flights from Tijuana, Mexico to Costa Rica on Volaris. I know that’s a long drive from LA but it might be worth looking into. The week between Christmas and the New Year is the busiest time for tourism here so I’d expect flights to fluctuate a little but not get too much better. Also, I think that many airlines do offer group pricing. They do this for sports teams, school trips, etc. Once you get that figured out, let us know if you need help setting up a larger shuttle/bus to transport you all or if you’d like to organize a few tours for the group. The sooner you do all that the better, since as I mentioned it gets very busy that time of year. Hope everything works out and you have an amazing family trip together!  

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