Fishing for roosterfish / Jaco area

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Onerka asked 8 years ago

Hi, nice website! I’ll be traveling to Costa Rica in February 2017. Itinerary is already set, and will be spending a few days in Jaco. I would like to go fishing for roosterfish, but the charters I’ve inquired with so far are very expensive!
Not looking for a big boat, a panga in the 26 – 28 feet range would be OK. Went for a 4 hour fishing trip in Riviera Maya is similar boat, for 180$ U.S. Best price I’ve found so far in Costa Rica for 1/2 day is about 500$.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Onerka, 
Costa Rica is pretty expensive for things like gas, ice, boat parts, etc., so it does raise the prices for fishing trips. Your best option might be to visit the town of Tarcoles, just north of Jaco/Heradura and talk with the local boats there. Tarcoles is a smaller fishing village and you will definitely see the pangas going out in the mornings. Maybe you could arrange for one of them to take you out, though I’m not sure what they would have as far as rods/reels for Rooster Fish since many of them handline. Hope it works out, let us know if it does.