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coltonlindeman asked 8 years ago

Hey there,
my wife and I live down here on The osa.  We just found out that we are pregnant with our first child, super exited! We have been down here for two years and we would like to stay  and have our baby here.  That being said we not sure where to start.  I read your blog on your guys pregnancy and you said that you went to San Isidro for health care being that San Jose is to far.  Just wondering where you all went and what doctor you saw.  We will be looking for a doctor and our first appointment in a few weeks.  Thanks for your help great info and thanks for sharing.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi coltonlindeman, 
That is great news, congratulations! Yes we really loved our doctor in San Isidro and he actually has office days in both San Vito and Quepos, which might save you some driving depending on your exact location. I’ll shoot you a personal email with his contact information. Congrats again! 

coltonlindeman replied 8 years ago

Great, thank you very much. We live outside of Puerto Jimenez.
Much love