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lfrazier asked 8 years ago

Hi, You have probably read about the quickly spreading Zika virus causing babies to be born with microcephaly (small brains and heads). The hardest hit areas are some of the world’s poorest populations. 
 The scary virus is carried by a daytime mosquito. Pregnant women can simply be protected by using mosquito spray. However, with an income of less than 75 cents a day, they can’t purchase protection for their unborn babies.
 We will be distributing the mosquito spray directly to pregnant women in villages in El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico. 
 The money raised will purchase and ship the mosquito spray. If you can spread the word, that would be amazing. The site is 

This is where I NEED your help. As new parents, CONGRATS, you can imagine not being able to protect your unborn child because you are too poor to purchase this simple protection.
I don’t want to waste people’s money by having to ship the repellent to Costa Rica where we start our trip on February 15th. Do you know of a source where I can call and have lots of repellent boxed and ready for me to pick up? 

Many, many thanks!