cheryl asked 7 years ago

hello … i envy your courage to get up and go!
should we book excursions, like ziplining, before we go or book when we get there? What is leadt expensive?

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi cheryl,
It really depends on the activity and when you are coming. Some activities like zip-lining are easily booked when you are here because they run the tour so many times per day and can take a lot of people. But others like rafting, private or smaller group tours, and things that rely on the tide, etc are better to book in advance because they might only run once or twice a day. If you are coming at peak times of the year, it doesn’t hurt to book even things like zip lining in advance to secure your spot. If you need any help booking a certain tour, just let us know. We don’t charge anything additional and can make sure you get scheduled with a great operator(s). Have a great time!

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