Driving a rental car in San Jose

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Laural asked 7 years ago

Hola! I am loving this website and have recommended it over and over to friends that are planning a trip to CR. We are rentlng a car while on our 3 week vacation and will be starting from San Jose. I understand that there are restrictions for driving in San Jose on weekdays. We were going to pick up our rental car on a Monday from the airport (we are staying right in San Jose (Sabana Norte) for the first few days) and head out to Poaz Volcano for the day, drive back to SJ for the night and then leave San Jose on the Tuesday. Except with the travel restrictions in SJ on cars is this going to be possible??

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Laurel, 
I asked the rental car company about this and they said that the vehicle restrictions based on the license plate numbers do not apply to rental cars. The police usually can tell what cars are rentals but if they do pull you over, you just have to show them the rental car agreement/paperwork. Hope this puts your mind at ease. Have a nice visit. 

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