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Sarah asked 6 years ago

Hello. I will be travelling alone with my two adolescent kids during second forthnight August and first week of September around Costa Rica. I am an intrepid person but unfortunately not an intrepid driver. Some local contacts have made me very nervous about driving around. My plan is SJ to Puerto Viejo, back up to Arenal, then to Tortuguero, then to Manuel Antonio or Marina Ballena (can\’t make my mind up there) and then on to Sierpes to ferry to Corcovado. Do you think I will be alright to should I shuttle to and from Puerto Viejo. I have also rented in Puerto Viejo a house (owner on land) for 6 days just outside town. Do you think that is risky? Thanks for all your help. Great website BTW.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Sarah,  Sounds like a great trip. Driving between those destinations is not generally too difficult. Just make sure you drive during the day and try to avoid afternoon and definitely nighttime when it rains more and visibility is worse. They recently had some heavy rains and flooding on the Caribbean side so you might run into a little road damage but it should be mostly cleaned up. Right now Route 32 going to the Caribbean side is back open but it was closed due to some landslides caused by the heavy rain. It remains closed at night but that should change if the rain holds off. Not sure if the order of your travels is set but it would probably make more sense to go to Tortuguero after Puerto Viejo and then continue on to La Fortuna after. You could leave the car in La Pavona while you are there. More info on our Getting to Tortuguero Post. For your question about the rental home in Puerto Viejo, that’s good that the owner is on the property, much better for safety. If you do end up needing a shuttle for parts of your trip, just contact us and we will help. Hope you have a great time!

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