Driving from Playas del Coco to Uvita/Sierpe

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Roman asked 6 years ago

Hi guys! Your site has been an invaluable source of information while planning our wedding trip, thank you for all the great articles. My fiance and I are getting married in Playas del Coco next March. We recently discovered Corcovado, and would love to take a day trip there as well as explore Manuel Antonio, so Uvita seems like a great place to stay, and then maybe Sierpe or Drake Bay.

The logistical problem is that we have enough travel points to stay at the Andez Papagayo for free, which seems like a relaxing way to end our honeymoon after trekking through the jungle. So we’d like to stay there and then fly home from Liberia. We’re looking at a two week trip. Initially, we wanted to visit La Fortuna and maybe Monteverde, but I think Corcovado takes precedence. With two weeks, four nights already in Coco Beach for the wedding, can we get down to Uvita/Osa and back up again?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Roman, 
It’s a really long drive from Playas del Coco to Uvita or Sierpe. We once drove to Manuel Antonio from Playa Grande (near Tamarindo) for a friend’s wedding and it took us about 6 hours. So I’d plan on about 7 hours to Uvita or so. It looks shorter on Google Maps but with traffic it just takes longer. If you really want to get a tour to Corcovado, it would be best to go all the way to Sierpe (to cut down the time you need to travel in a boat). Honestly driving that far it sounds really exhausting which might take away from the whole experience once you get there. 
It might be better to break up the drive. For example, if you wanted to see Monteverde you could stop there for a night or two in one direction (it’s only about 1 hour out of the way) then on the other direction, you could do a couple of nights in Manuel Antonio. This would allow you to see these places and get to the Osa a little more comfortably. I know it’s tempting to use as many of the free points as you can but, it would be a whirlwind if you tried to drive all that way and then do a long day trip to Corcovado the next day. Hope this gives you a little help, best of luck with your marriage and honeymoon! 

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