Driving conditions from Liberia to La Fortuna

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lisa asked 7 years ago

¡Hola!  I will be in Costa Rica from July 16th – 25th, so 8 full days.  We are going to spend a couple of days in La Fortuna before heading down to Playa Carrillo for the remainder of the trip.  Our plane arrives at Liberia at 3:10 pm.  My question is if we should drive directly to La Fortuna that afternoon?  Or spend the night in Liberia and get an early start the next morning. I feel like we are losing a day spending the night in Liberia, but I am concerned about driving at night and possibly in the rain.  For our drive from La Fortuna to Playa Carillo – should we drive along the north side of the lake (I heard it was faster) or along the southern side of the lake?  I would appreciate any advice you have on this.  ¡Gracias!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Lisa, 
It’s a tough call but you might want to stay somewhere near the airport or along the way since you probably won’t be out of the airport and car rental agency until 4 or later. The sun sets just before 6 so you will likely have to drive the last part of the trip in the dark, and we don’t recommend that, especially on the road to La Fortuna. So yeah, either near the airport or somewhere on the way. One idea is to take a detour to Bijagua on the way there. You should be able to reach that before dark without a problem and it is a cool rural town with a lot of wildlife. Then you could take Route 6 and 4 down to La Fortuna. For the trip from La Fortuna to Carillo/Samara. Yes definitely take the paved road going around the lake’s north side. The south side is dirt and would take forever. Hope you have a great time! 

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