Drive from San Jose to Uvita through San Isidro

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mgagnon asked 8 years ago

We will be back in Costa Rica in December, arriving early evening. Our plan is to spend the night in San Jose and then early morning head out on the Pan American to San Isidro, hit the farmers market (it will be Friday) and then head down to Uvita.  Any idea how long we should expect this to take?  We\’d really like to check out that farmers market and a different route as we typically drive the Costanera and know that is approx 3.5 hours.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi mgagnon ,
It will probably take around 3.5 hours from SJO to San Isidro. There’s usually traffic in the city getting from Alajuela over to Cartago and then it’s slow going over the mountain because it’s so steep and curvy. Could take less but we’d count on that so you don’t miss the farmers market. Then from San Isidro it’ll be another 1.25 or so hours to Uvita, depending on if you get stuck behind a slow truck on the San Isidro to Dominical section (we always seem to!).
Overall it takes longer than the coastal route but it is a really beautiful drive so totally worth doing. Since you’re coming in the dry season and will be driving in the morning, you shouldn’t be too clouded in so should have some great views.
If you need a place to stop for lunch after the farmers market, one of our favorite restaurants in Costa Rica is Ricar2. Left side of the road (Route 243) about 15 min after you get out of downtown San Isidro on the way to Dominical. Delicious food and not expensive. Have a great trip!