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Alison B asked 6 years ago

Thank you for such a wonderful resource!  We\’re headed to CR next month and we have one week!  We arrive on Wednesday and plan to stay the night in SJ that evening.  Thursday morning we head for the coast – we\’re thinking MA for Thursday night, and then have Uvita booked for Friday night.  Saturday morning we\’ll head to Drake Bay and spend the rest of our time there (leaving Tuesday afternoon for SJ to catch an AM Wednesday flight.)  We have four adults and two children, aged 2 and 5.  I have three main questions that I can\’t quite sort out:  Transportation – is it possible to get all of us in one rental car?  Knowing we will quite possibly need 4×4 in the Uvita area?  We were thinking of getting a private shuttle to take us to MA so we can focus on the kids and each other… any recommendations?  It seems like the main area we\’d need a rental are in Uvita/Dominical … what\’s the best way to get a group this size from MA to Uvita?  Or should we rent in MA and see if we can return down in Dominical?   Drake Bay transports – we were originally planning on (and excited about!) taking the boat from sierpe and then flying back from Drake Bay… but I just recently realized the water can be quite rough on the trip… is that something you\’d be comfortable taking your child on?  Is it rough like boat-capsizes-rough or rough like hold-on-tight-to-the-kids and don\’t let them hang on the railing rough?  Any other precautions about Drake Bay with young kids? And last, any recommendations on ziplining for the five year old in any of the above locations?  I know our two year old won\’t be able to go but we\’d love to find a place that has some child friendly lines… when I google search, it\’s almost always talking about older kids, but I thought we would be able to find something for him… Thanks so much for your time!  I look forward to hearing from you…

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Alison, 
Not sure if you are still sorting out transportation but let us know if you need help. It would probably be best to shuttle between destinations with a group like that (with luggage) and then rent a 7 passenger car once you are in Uvita. For the boat to Drake Bay, it is very rare that a boat will capsize and it is mostly just a hold-on-tight situation when the boat cuts through the waves at the river mouth. We are going again soon and it will be the first time with our 2 year old. We’ve purchased a special life jacket for him since the boats usually just have the standard sized ones and feel pretty good about it. If you are really uncomfortable, it is possible this time of year to get there by roads, though that can be an adventure in itself. For a kid family zipline, you could do Hacienda Baru.  

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