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Suzanne11 asked 6 years ago

I am an American who was born in Costa Rica. My mom is Costa Rican. We moved to the U.S. because my father was an American. I would like to be a dual national by claiming my Costa Rican citizenship. I hope to retire in Costa Rica. Can you recommend resources in English about this process? I am visiting Costa Rica in February 2018.
Thank you,

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Suzanne, 
We don’t know of any English resources for something like this but a lawyer would probably be able to help you. Rafael from Outlier Legal might be a good starting point. You also might want to quickly check to see if you are in the government system. Here is the link to the Civil Registry ( where citizens are documented. You just have to put in your name. Maybe your birth was recorded and will show up? Hope that this helps, at least a little, and best of luck!  

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