construction on route 606 between la fortuna and santa elena

DWQA Questionsconstruction on route 606 between la fortuna and santa elena
Colleen asked 6 years ago

Based on your blog updates “This is only temporary. Until then, yes the recommended route is 145, Las juntas to santa elena”….this is very general and for those of us who’ve never been, it has nowhere enough detail.  
So with the construction on rte 606-are either of these the new correct route to monteverde from la fortuna :
Take route route 142 from la fortuna around the lake, at  tilaron take route 926 west to route 1 south to route 145 east towards la juntas east back into route 660 to santa elena?  
Take route route 142 from la fortuna around the lake, at  tilaron then at Canas go south on route 1, then after calles portia/calles chico esquinas, go east on route 145 towards la juntas , continuing east to santa elena.
If these are incorrect, can you please post more specific directions from tilaron to las juantas to monteverde?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Colleen, 
If you are traveling from La Fortuna to Monteverde you shouldn’t be effected by the construction on Route 606.  As we say on our post, this is for people coming from the Pacific side (Route 1) to Monteverde. For you, coming from La Fortuna, just go around the lake on Route 142 to Tilaran. After going through Tilaran, connect with Route 145 and follow that until Santa Elena ( it turns into Route 606 near the end).
If you just read about the detour quickly you can get confused because you don’t realize that both Route 145 and Route 606 stretch all the way up into the mountains and you can access them from different ends. That’s why it is important to note the towns. Las Juntas is closer to Route 1 and the Pacific Coast. You won’t have to go near there coming from La Fortuna. If you check out our Driving to Monteverde Post, there are several new comments that mention that the way from La Fortuna to Monteverde was fine for them. Hope this helps and you get there safe.