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davlund asked 8 years ago

Hi both, I purchased your excellent itinerary guide and am busy planning a route for 5 of us for our first CR visit at the end of June.  We have 14 days, 13 nights, and would like a combination of wildlife, a little adventure (3 late teens) and a touch of relaxing.  Kids keen to go to Puerto Vieja for sanctuaries there, La Fortuna, Monteverde and then Manuel Antonio and you’ve completely sold us on Drake Bay too.  Lots of driving, from your guide – is it best to do it first thing in morning or later in day?  Too much to pack in?  We like the idea of seeing turtles but feels like a gamble if we only have 2-3 nights per place hence dropped Tortuguero as seems main reason to go… and not sure early July is right? Thoughts welcome please…

davlund replied 8 years ago

I’d add that having had a further chat with the family, they are now really passionate about seeing Puerto Vieja for sanctuaries (unless you think they are duplicated elsewhere), La Fortuna, Monteverde and Drake Bay. From San Jose, would you recommend starting at Puerto Vieja, going to La Fortuna, then Monteverde then Drake, or doing it in reverse? It’s the end of June for 14 days, 13 nights and we probably need to spend the last night in San Jose because of a noon flight. Would you suggest 3 days in each place? Many thanks in advance…

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi davelund and family,  The sanctuaries near Puerto Viejo are really great so we’d say definitely make that one of your destinations. You will be busy if you include La Fortuna, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, and Drake Bay too but 3 days in each place will help break things up. One suggestion could be to return the rental car at the boat docks in Sierpe and then fly back to San Jose. This will cost more (for the flight), but cut about 6-7 hours of driving off your trip back to SJO, essentially giving you an extra day of vacation. The company we get the Rental Car Discount through now allows drop-offs in Sierpe from their Uvita location. Another possibility would be to cut out Monteverde and spread your extra days out in other places. It’s a long drive to get to and from there but if you are set on seeing the cloud forest and okay with driving your itinerary sounds good. Have a great time and thanks for purchasing our book!    

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