Carillo vs Samara

carengel asked 7 years ago

Hello! My partner and I are planning a relaxing vacation in Guanacaste this February and we are trying to decide between Carillo or Samara.  We have found a few bed and breakfast hotels and airbnbs in each location, but do you have a preference?  We are looking for a quiet, relaxing spot and a few decent restaurant options.  We will have a rental car and are planning to visit whichever location we don’t end up staying in. Any insight would be really helpful! 

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi carengel, 
Playa Carillo would definitely be quieter than Samara but there aren’t that many restaurants to choose from so you’d probably want to go to Samara to eat out. They are both really close to each other though, so getting from one to the other is only a matter of 10 or 15 minutes. We stayed at Montelaguna Boutique Hotel, which is pretty much right between the two. From there we could walk to Playa Carillo but it was a 5 minute drive to Samara downtown. That area is great so you’ll have fun no matter what!!