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Julia K asked 6 years ago

Hi! We are traveling from Boston/Providence to Miguel Antonio area in January with our then 20 month old son. Staying off the main road in a rented villa. Wondering how a convertible car seat will work if we do not rent a car? Will taxis allow us to buckle it into their back seat? What transportation options do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Julia, 
Yes, most taxi drivers will be patient if you tell them you need to install the car seat. One tip I would give is to keep the back door open until you get the little one all strapped in. This way they don’t start driving off without you being ready (some people here don’t take car seats that seriously and we all know how long it can take to get those straps fitted right). The same is true for shuttles (better for longer distances). You can just use the seat belt strap to install the convertible car seat (just remember your little metal clip – we always carry an extra one too in case we leave one in a van or taxi by mistake). The shuttle companies will include a car seat if you need one but we’ve always brought our own (you never know what type you might get if you request one). If you need help getting to Manuel Antonio from the airport or back, we work with some great shuttle companies. You can check out our Private Shuttle Van Transfers page for more info. Have a fun trip! 

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