Car rental in San Isidro de el General?

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Leisha asked 7 years ago

Hi folks! We are staying near San Isidro de el General in March and April and will be without a car. We would like to rent a car for about a week to do a few day trips. Its already 45 minutes for us to bus to San Isidro de el General so we’d prefer to rent there and not go down further to Dominical or Uvita. Any suggestions of a trustworthy car rental place in San Isidro? So far a web search is turning up Kaima, Rioja, and Brunca. Thanks for your help!! 🙂

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi  again Leisha, 
Yes, those are the smaller rental car companies that have offices there. We have never personally used any of them so can’t really recommend them or not. If you did want to use the discount we get through Adobe (who is very reputable), they will deliver the car to San Isidro for a fee (I believe it is $40). Just choose their Uvita location when you reserve and put a note in about needing delivery.