car rental pick up near Santa Elena/Monteverde, drop off Sierpe

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Andrea asked 7 years ago

Hi Matt and Jenn, I randomly came across your blog while making plans for my upcoming trip to CR, and have found it incredibly helpful! My friend and I are going to be in CR this February, in a couple of weeks time.   We would like to rent a car part way through our trip, from when we are leaving Santa Elena and travelling to the westcoast to drive south down to Sierpe.  Is there anywhere near Santa Elena or Monteverde that a car rental could be available, and would it be possible to drop it in Sierpe 4 days later?    And for the season and that route, would you recommend renting a 4×4? Many thanks! Andrea

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Andrea, 
There aren’t any rental car offices in Monteverde that we know of. So you would have to pick up the car before you get there at another location. Some companies do let you drop it off in Sierpe for an extra fee. Adobe. the company we get a discount for our readers through does this. Finally, for February, you never know what the weather will bring but generally it is pretty dry so you might get away with a 4×2 SUV for the roads to and from Monteverde. Check out our post about driving there for a better sense. 

Andrea replied 7 years ago

Thank you so much for your reply! We have decided to take bus to Monteverde and then out to Jaco, and pick up a rental car there (all to save some money as we’re going to be in Monteverde region for 5 nights and have other transport options during our time there. And wonderfully Adobe has said we can drop of in Sierpe no problem. We have decided for the coastal leg we will rent a regular car, but we are going to rent a car again from Sierpe to return to San Jose, taking a few days to meander through some mountain areas, explore etc. Would you think generally a 4×2 SUV for clearance only would be sufficient for that leg in February? Thanks in advance!

Jenn and Matt Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi Andrea, it really depends on what you do for exploring. Some of the activities and lodges in the mountains are accessible only by 4×4. But if you are staying close to the main roads, everything should be paved or in good condition. Have fun!