Car Rental near the Tambor Airport (TMU)

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az2jackson asked 7 years ago

Is there a location to rent with Adobe Rent-a-Car near the Tambor Airport (TMU)?
If not, is there another company you can recommend near that airport that does not have all the hidden fees?  Thank you.

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi az2jackson, 
No, Adobe doesn’t have a location there right now, their closest office would be in Liberia or Puntarenas. The two options we know of near the Tambor airport are Budget and Toyota. We haven’t dealt with either of them enough to know much about their fees but each company has several locations in Costa Rica. Just be sure to read their terms and conditions carefully and email them if you have questions. Hope this helps have a great trip!  

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