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Kathleen123 asked 8 years ago

Hi Jen and Matt My name is KathyI just wanted to confirm that the car rentals at adobe do include all insurance fees. My husband Craig and I come to CR 3-4 times a year. I still haven\’t found a rental company (quote) that includes all those fees. This would be awesome if this one does. Thanks for the information. I love what your doing. With your website of great information. It really helps the tourists and ex pat. Which we will be soon enough. Lol My husband and I purchased 6 acres this past year in Lagunas ( hidden river side). The view is amazing. We are planing to build a lodge. With rentals for groups and some private rooms.I think this is your part of the woods. (dominical area). We just love this part of the country. We looked high and low for that perfect spot. I\’m so happy we found it. Well I could go on for ever.We are coming again march 7-21. This is when I need the car rental. So I would love to hear back from you. Thanks. Maybe we can do lunch someday (neighbor) lol.Thank you again Link: –Shared via Shareaholic Sent from my iPhone

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Kathy, Yes Adobe does include the basic liability (the one that is required by law) in their quote so the price that you see is what you will get charged, unless you decide to add more (optional) insurance coverage later on. We actually just updated our Rental Car Discount Page with some other frequently asked questions like that, so check it out. That’s great that you bought some property in the Lagunas neighborhood, we know it well. Best of luck with your plans for the lodge and let us know when it happens so we can come see and recommend it. Keep in touch!