pamelae asked 7 years ago

hello, thanks for your discount and info! it automatically includes a $19/day insurance fee. is this mandatory? my insurance from home should suffice. if i am required to pay adobe $19/day, is that adequate coverage? thanks! pamela

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Pamela, 
Yes, Costa Rica has a mandatory car insurance that all the rental car companies have to charge. Sometimes other sites (especially big travel websites) don’t include the charge and you end up paying extra once you are here. Unfortunately Adobe and almost all other companies won’t accept the insurance you have back in your home country. It is completely a personal decision as to whether you want to get additional insurance. You can just get the mandatory for the reservation and then read more/ask them questions by email about coverage to decide. You can always add it at the rental car counter once you arrive too. Hope this answers your question, thanks for checking out our rental car discount!   

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