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Patrick asked 6 years ago

Hi Guys, great site, loads of great information! A friend of mine and I (both from UK), are visiting C.R in late August and early September 2018, and after reading your advice we are convinced that hiring a car is the way to go.  our route as it stands is: San Jose > La Fortuna >  Tamarindo > Samara > Manuel Antonio > San Jose   Firstly, is this a good/logical route to take? Secondly, we will be staying at hostels mostly and were wondering what its like to park in your experience in these little towns ect. Is it easy to find places to put a car for a few days? Kind Regards Patrick

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Patrick,
Glad that our Driving post helped. Yes, that seems like a logical order for those destinations. For parking, almost all hotels and hostels in Costa Rica have a place for you to park. Occasionally spaces are limited (more so in San Jose) so you have to request it in advance but usually there is plenty of room. Have a nice trip!

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