Can we walk on to the Ferry in Puntarenas?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transportation QuestionsCan we walk on to the Ferry in Puntarenas?
fred tisdale asked 6 years ago

We are arriving in Puntarenas by cruise ship. We will be docked until 8:30pm. We have looked at several onboard excursions and they are quite expensive. Our question is, is it possible to walk to the ferry dock and board as walk-on passengers? Also, when we arrive in Paquera, what would be the best way to travel the beach towns?
I have searched your website, and have found it very helpful. I wish I had found it earlier. This will be our second time in Cr. (we stayed in Samara Beach for 10 days).
Thanks for any information you can supply us.

Laura and Fred

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Fred, 
The cruise ship dock in Puntarenas would be a little too far away from the ferry terminal to walk but you could take a quick and inexpensive taxi. Otherwise, yes, you can walk onto the ferry after buying the tickets like we describe in our post, no car is necessary. Once you reach the Paquera side, you could get on the bus that goes to Montezuma/Santa Teresa (this bus should be on the ferry with you, having come from San Jose). I believe you can pay to get on in Paquera but we have never done it. As a backup, there should be a taxi or two around as well. Just be sure to time your return trip well so that you don’t miss the ferry back. Also, be sure that your cruise ship is actually docking in Puntarenas, some of them dock in Caldera, about 20 minutes south.   

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