Buses and shuttles

Meli.f asked 7 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for your previous answer! It was very helpful.
We have one more question regarding buses and shutles. Do they need to be booked in advance or is there normally enough availability to book them at the moment? We are a group of two, travelling in january.
Thanks so much for your help and the amazing blog!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

 Hi again Melina, 
A lot of buses you can just board and pay but for longer trips you will need to buy a ticket. Usually availability isn’t a problem but if you are in a town already, you can sometimes buy them the day before. Most shuttle companies require a prior reservation, so best to book those in advance. 

dina replied 7 years ago

hi guys, thanks for this wonderful site and all the info i have found here, so great !
i have a question concerning the busstation in nicoya. do you have any info on that ?
my husband dont want to fly from SJO to nosara, because he wants to see a bit of the
country. so he takes the bus. there are several busses going from SJO to nicoya.
yet i cant find anything about busconnections from nicoya to nosara.
it would be great if you have any info for me plse ?

my man is arriving on thursday, so it would be good to get an asnwer asap !
thank you so much ! xoxox dina