Bug Nets

Lorie Lochridge asked 6 years ago

Hello Matt and Jen,
We are traveling to Costa Rica this summer for 6 weeks.  We will be traveling around the country but our longest stays will be two weeks in Cabuya and 9 days in Alajuela.  We are traveling with our three daughters (ages 13, 11, 9).  We have read all the information you have posted about bug sprays and how to keep safe for bug borne illnesses but I was unable to find any suggestions about bug nets and if they are necessary and if so what is best to use?  What would you recommend in terms of traveling with bug nets.  We have secured lodging around the country and we avoided open air places.  Thanks for any information you can share on this topic.  Lorie and Dan

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Lori and Dan, That sounds like a fun trip! It’s good that you have avoided open air accommodations since that will make a big difference. For bug nets, it can be tricky to bring your own since you usually have to hang them from something/the ceiling. A lot of places might not have anything for you to do that. In our house we have screens on the windows. Some insects still get in and we occasionally get bites. One thing we use to limit that is a small bug light/bug zapper like this one. Once the lights go out, the bugs are attracted to the light instead of us. We usually wouldn’t recommend it for regular travelers but since you are coming for a longer time, it might be worth packing and bringing along. They can be hard to find once you are here. Hope this helps!

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