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lpomes asked 7 years ago

Excited to plan a trip to Costa Rica with my 4 adult children. We are planning 3 nights in Manual Antonia and will not be renting a car. The plan is surfing, and hiking the park in this area. And of course the local food. Any suggestion on a clean budget hotel. I am currently looking at The Beach Packer and the Jungle Hotel. Pros and cons would be appreciated

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi lpomes, 
The Beach Packer is a pretty simple budget hostel (could be noisy, not the cleanest) and the Jungle Beach Hotel is a little nicer and you’d get a private room. I think they also have a family suite that would work for you. We’ve also stayed at Hotel Manuel Antonio, which is right off the beach and closer to the national park. Simple but pretty nice for the price. Hope this helps you decide.