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glorious_fig asked 8 years ago

Hi guys,
We booked our vacation to Costa Rica from January 1st to January 12th. Thank you for the Adobe car rental suggestion, we will book through your website! I was wondering about the GPS though: do you think that we can bring one from home (Canada) and use it there instead of adding it to the total rental cost? A tomtom GPS, for example.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi glorious_fig, 
Bringing a GPS from home should work as long as you have downloaded the latest available maps for Costa Rica on it. We had family bring one down (don’t remember the exact brand) and it worked really well. If for some reason it didn’t work on your initial trip from the airport, you could always stop into one of the other Adobe locations and get one of theirs. Best of luck and enjoy your trip.