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Amy Kent asked 6 years ago

We will be spending a week in the Southern Pacific in June.  We want to explore the beaches from Ojochal to Dominical. I have a child and three teens that would enjoy playing on boogie boards.   We haven’t ever surfed and don’t have the budget to pay for lessons.  Do you know if there is a place to buy or rent boogie boards for the week?  If so about how much they would cost.  We are trying to figure out if we should try to bring some with us.  We also want to try snorkling at the whales tail.  We would only want to rent for a day and wonder if there is a place to do that or if we need to bring our own gear.  Thank-you so much..  Thanks for the car discount that was great!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Amy, 
You can usually rent boogie boards from the surf companies. I know that Costa Rica Surf Camp in Dominical rents boogie boards. I think it is around $8-10/day but they might give a better rate for the week. You could check other surf shops too. Or if you just wanted some fairly cheap boogie boards, you could look for them on your way down from San Jose. We’ve seen them at Maxi Pail (Walmart owned store). Same thing with snorkel gear, you can probably rent a snorkel and mask from someplace like Costa Rica Dive and Surf. Maybe email them ahead of time to confirm. Snorkeling from shore is very hit or miss so it might be better to do a rental rather than pack those and never use them.