birds in oct

jeff asked 8 years ago

My wife and I (55 and 54) want to take my mother and her husband (80 and 85 ) to CR my parents are good walkers and light hikers .  Mom wants to see birds birds birds and a few animals.  The time that works for us is Oct 15 to 30 2016.  We were planning on the east side of the country but would like to see Monteverde and the Arenal area as well.. Is this a mistake or would it work?  ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Jeff,  Your idea to visit the eastern side of Costa Rica is a good one since that area of the country gets its least amount of rain in October. Visiting Arenal and Monteverde are a bit more of a risk but you never know. Since birding is the main objective, you probably won’t be disappointed (birding is pretty awesome year-round) but there’s a chance you might not get to see Arenal Volcano (due to cloud cover) and that you might get a little wet. A lot of times, even in the rainiest months here, it doesn’t rain all day, so get your activities in during the morning and plan for rain in the afternoon. Here’s a link to our weather post for some more info on predicting the rain: