Best month to travel. asked 7 years ago

Hi! We have just started to plan my dream trip to Costa Rica. Your website is full of great information. Thank you! We will be traveling with our two sons, 7 and 10 years old. We are limited on the months we can travel. The best time for us to travel is November but we know this is still considered the rainy season. We love the beach and warm weather. Could you please tell me how wet this month really is? Is it wet enough to ruin the trip? If you were only going to be able to go to Costa Rica once what month would you visit in? Thank you sharing all your knowledge about Costa Rica.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Sarah, 
Normally we would say that November isn’t too rainy (especially towards the end of the month) but this last year we actually had a lot of rain and Costa Rica experienced its first hurricane on record, which hit us right around Thanksgiving. So it is hit or miss. If you are trying to pick another month to visit, you should read our Best Times to Visit Costa Rica post. You might also be interested in our Weather post, which gives some rainfall data for different areas of the country. In general it is less rainy on the Pacific Coast from mid-December to mid-April and September and October are the driest months on the Caribbean coast. Hope this helps with your planning, thanks for using our site!