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Gina Metzger asked 6 years ago

We are traveling to CR (flying into Liberia) after Christmas thru the New Year (7 days). We’d like split between a Volcano experience and the beach. We have 3 boys ages 15, 12 & 11. We are considering Colinas del Miravalles or Rio Peridido, would you recommend one over the other? Or somewhere else? And how long should we spend near the Volcano? Onto the beach, we are considering Playa Hermosa, Playa Cochnal or Playa Flamingo. Recommendations for beach? How about sport fishing with a family?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Gina, 
The Miravalles Volcano area is a fun spot to visit for a few days and will definitely be more low key than other volcano destinations like La Fortuna/Arenal. For lodging, those two options are very very different. Colinas de Miravalles has more of a local feel and there will likely be lots of locals visiting the hot spring pool and restaurant around the holidays. This can be really fun and festive, if you are up for it. From there you would probably do some of the local activities like we mention in our Post about Miravalles. The Rio Perdido on the other hand is more like a resort and will have mostly other tourists around. The resort is located pretty far from things so you will likely eat there and do some of their activities onsite. They have a zip line and good trail system for hiking or mountain biking in addition to the natural hot springs and pool. Both are great options but suited for different types of travelers. For the beach portion, those are three good picks. Conchal and Flamingo are just a few minutes down the road from each other so basically the same area. Flamingo has a marina so you might find more fishing options if you stay near there over Playa Hermosa. You can find fishing from Hermosa though, but might have to drive over to Playas del Coco to catch the boat.