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daytripper asked 8 years ago

Hi there
We’re visiting in August & looking for an onward beach destination after spending time in MA – but Drake Bay (as recommended) seems too difficult to get to. Can you recommend anywhere else with a similar, laid-back vibe that’s easy from MA – and easy to get to San Jose for our flight home..? Would simply relaxing for the last 2-days in MA be a good option..?
Also – thanks for hosting this great site!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Marc,
You could visit the Costa Ballena area, which is just south of Manuel Antonio and not too much farther from the airport. The area has a lot of jungle and is very laid back. It is a bit spread out but you could find a nice relaxing place with a good view of the ocean to stay. Another option is to go north so that you are even closer to the airport. Tarcoles, is a cool little fishing town just north of Jaco but much more relaxed. There are some nice lodges up in the hills or you could stay down by the beach in a simpler place. The nearby Carara National Park is a great place to see birds and other wildlife. Staying in Manuel Antonio for longer and just doing some day trips is also a good option if you don’t want to move around as much. Hope this gives you some ideas. Thanks for your question.

daytripper replied 8 years ago

Many thanks for the reply – I think staying in MA will win out, and we’ll be going through your MA guide pages avidly.

Many many thanks for hosting this great site – it is fantastically useful and I wish you all the best in CR!