Basic Logistics

rolevine asked 8 years ago

Hi (again, 2nd question of the night :),
I’m trying to figure out basic Costa Rica travel logistics that I don’t seem to find listed anywhere.  The two things I’m wondering about are:

  1.  GPS – if most people/business don’t have an address, what information does someone give you to plug into the GPS to find them?  Do they give you latitude and longitude?
  2. Grocery shopping – We’re staying in places that have full kitchens, so we’ll want to do some grocery shopping and do our own cooking.  We’ll be in La Fortuna and Manuel Antonio so I presume we’ll have some stores at our disposal.  Are there any tricks to grocery shopping in Costa Rica?  Also, we have a 4 year old with us and even though he’s not incredibly picky, he’s not the most adventurous so can I count on a fair amount of “American food” to be available?


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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Rob,
Yes, sometimes places will give you their GPS coordinates and other times it will be in relation to a well know business or landmark (e.g. 300 meters after the soccer field on the right). Usually hotels and vacation rentals give special driving directions explaining what to look for.
For the groceries, yes there are plenty of grocery stores. One thing that seems hard when shopping are the selection of snacks. There are lots of chips, sugar type cereals, etc. but not too many healthy options. When you do find imported items they will be expensive. For that reason, we’d suggest bringing some snacks that your son likes and some for yourself too. Safe travels!