Bachelorette Party in Manual Antonio

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Juliana N asked 6 years ago

Hello! There will be 13 girls in their early 30s traveling to Manuel Antonio for a bachelorette party in late September. We will have 3 full days aside from travel. I heard it’s the rainy season and was looking for some advice on fun group activities.

Thank you!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Juliana, 
That sounds like an awesome bachelorette party! Yes, September will be rainy but you can usually still get in some great activities, especially in the mornings (there is typically more rain in the afternoons during the rainy season). You’ll definitely want to do Manuel Antonio National Park and a Zip Lining or an adventure combo tour would be fun as a group too. Rafting might be too intense with the rainfall and flow of the rivers but there are some other more relaxing water options like Kayaking, SUP, or mangrove boat tours. If you want some assistance with selecting tours, we can help through our Tours page. It’s just a small fee and we will give you lots of details on what is available. Jenn, I’m sure will have some more tailored ideas for you too! 

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