DWQA QuestionsCategory: Itinerary Questionsarriving-in-nosara-in-a-few-weeks asked 6 years ago

We are less than 4 weeks until Pure Vida!!!

We are finally starting to do  a bit on the planning and would greatly value your opinions on these things:

1) SIBU Wildlife sanctuary or Nosara Biological reserve? I believe SIBU requires a reservation

2) Where do you recommend we do yoga?

3) We are interested in Rio Nosara SUP and Kayak…how would you suggest we do this?

4) Surfing   We have never done it, but would like to try   What do you suggest?

5) Zip-lines..any favorites?

6) Arenal:  3 hours away or so, but worth the trip?  Many seem to love it

7) anything else you suggest…don’t want to miss a thing!

We will have a car, if that’s helpfu

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