How to do Arenal/Manuel Antonio/Drake Bay/Puerto Viejo

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Itinerary QuestionsHow to do Arenal/Manuel Antonio/Drake Bay/Puerto Viejo
petez asked 9 years ago

Hi Jenn and Matt
We are coming to Costa Rica in March next year and will have 17 days (15 if you take off one either end for travel). We fancy visiting these four areas, but it seems that to get to Puerto Viejo is an absolute mission and we would need to spend a full day travelling there, which we would like to avoid (but it would be really great to spend some time on the Caribbean side.  Drake Bay also seems quite a distance from anywhere and difficult to get to.  Is there any particular order for those four that you would recommend in order to minimise travel time?  Or if you think that these four places are not manageable without spending a lot of time on the road then would you suggest swapping anything in or out? We’re happy to spend money on internal flights if necessary.

Happy to hear any of your recommendations – loving the website and will no doubt be purchasing the book shortly!