Are we missing out?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Itinerary QuestionsAre we missing out?
Steve asked 9 years ago

Hi All,
Wife and I decided on a last minute trip to CR (SJO) at the end of August for 10 days. First Timers…

Here’s our itinerary: SJO to Fortuna/Arenal — Raft to Puerto Viejo— Bocas del toro — back to Puerto Viejo — back to SJO. 

We enjoy the beach and “non touristy” spots so we decided to go the caribbean route after we get our nature fix/rafting/rapelling/ziplining etc in La Fortuna…is there anything that we would regret not seeing on the Pacific side?  Trying to calculate the opportunity cost of Bocas vs the pacific coast of CR.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts/experiences!