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Gini asked 8 years ago

Hello travellers!!!
I need some advide on our itinerary for two weeks. We are three travelling (2 girls 1 guy) We travel on a tight budget, basically we want to make our trip to Costa Rica as cheaper as it could be ! So we will be travelling with ou tent, couschsurfing  and using local transport, avoiding tours and expensive  parks .  We want to have a bit of everything , beach and rainforest,  but avoiding the very very touristic places, having that in account, What do you think about our itinerary? would you change some places for others ? I havent decided for how long staying in the different places  but  do we have enough time to do it ? any advices and crittics will be very much appreciated!!

  1. Liberia ( same day moving to next destination)
  2. Playa grande, Las Baulas, we would love to see the turtles nesting
  3. Volcan Tenorio and Rio celeste
  4. La fortuna y volcan Arenal
  5. Santa Elena and Bosque eterno de los ninos multiday hike
  6. Puerto Jimenez, in Osa peninsula, our main draw to this place is the remoteness , my first place was Corcovado but it is too expensive to do a multihike day, we wanted to do it on our won, but i read is impossible nowdays, so we would like to visit Puerto Jimenez instead as is at the edge of the park and as well remote, though dont know if its worth the long way just for puerto jimenez  are and matapalo
  7. Uvita  beach and Nuayaca waterfall
  8. Back to Liberia

Thanks very much for your time