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Martin Melançon asked 6 years ago

For areas where a 4×4 is recommended, do all 4WD cars available for rental at Adobe are suitable? In other words, is there a significant difference between smaller 4WD SUVs and larger 4×4 SUVs or if both “4WD” & “4×4” are ok to reach these areas?

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Martin, 
You should be fine with either a 4-wheel drive (4×4) or an all wheel drive (AWD). A couple of the car types have lower clearance (like the SsangYong Korando) but unless you are planning some real off-road driving you should be fine with any of the 4×4 or AWD options for normal dirt roads, steep driveways, etc.