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Jeremiah asked 6 years ago

Good afternoon,
My fiancée and I are planning a last minute honeymoon after our wedding on August 4th and have been thinking of Costa Rica. I am unsure if this would be feasible but our think is we’d fly to San Jose, rent a car and make our way to the volcano and stay a few days in that area. We’ve heard good things about the tamarindo area so we’d likely stay a few days there. We would try and fly back out of Liberia so if you have any suggestions on things we could do it would be appreciated. Our thinking is we would stay with Airbnb most nights. Would you have any recommendations for a location with a spa? Thank you for your time and If you could respond via email I’d greatly appreciate it

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Jeremiah, 
Congrats on your upcoming wedding! That itinerary sounds like a good plan and makes sense logistically. You can check out these posts to help you plan: 
La Fortuna: What to Expect (has activities and info about the area)
La Fortuna Hotel Guide (has options with spas!) 
Tamarindo: Where Paradise Meets Convenience
Hope you have a great honeymoon! 

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