9 days in Costa Rica in early August

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Michael asked 7 years ago

Thank you in advance for answering my question(s). My wife and I are planning a 9 day trip to Costa Rica in early August. We understand from reading through your site that 3 locations in 9 days is probably the maximum amount of places to visit in that time frame. We love the idea of visiting Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, and Uvita. Is this a reasonable itinerary for a 9 day stay? Especially in the rainy season when traveling on the roads may be hindered by the weather is what we are worried about. We haven’t decided on whether we would rent a car, take a bus or take a shuttle to get to each location, so any suggestions would be great! Thanks a bunch, and we love your site!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Michael, 
Yes, depending on your arrival and departure flight times, you should have enough time to visit those three places. Driving that time of year generally isn’t too bad if you do it early in the day since it rains more in the afternoons/night. You’d also probably take route 606 to and from Monteverde, which isn’t as bad as the other way (from La Fortuna). You can read more in our Driving to Monteverde post. Or you could take shuttles like you said and leave the driving up to someone else. One thing to note is that things are a bit more spread out in Uvita so having a car is nice, but you could always rent one when you get there. Make sure to check out our Discounts page for deals on a shuttle or car. Thanks for using out site!