4×4 Car Rental for Arenal, Tamarindo, Santa Teresa?

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Travelbug asked 8 years ago

Hi Guys, My husband and I will be travelling from San Jose to Arenal, Tamarindo (with a stop at Rio Celeste) and then down to Santa Teresa with a day trip to Montezuma. We will be travelling in April so do you think we need a 4×4 since it will be so dry in Santa Teresa or can we get away with a regular car? Thanks!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Travelbug, 
It should be dry but we’d still recommend a 4×4 for the Montezuma/Santa Teresa stretch. There probably won’t be any muddy ruts on the dirt road getting there, but there are a couple of steeper hills to go up/down. Sometimes when it is dry these hills get a lot of loose dirt and you end up spinning the tires. The last stretch to Santa Teresa is especially rugged. You’d probably also appreciate a vehicle with higher clearance on that road so that your not bouncing around as much. Make sure to check out our rental car discount to offset some of the 4×4 cost. Have a great trip!  

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