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tntspen asked 7 years ago

Hola,   I’ve been doing some research including your e-book and still not sure what would be best two week itinerary for a family of four with two teenage daughters (18/15yo) I would say we like a moderate level of activity ~ kind of a One day on one day off formula has worked for us.  Probably want to stay at most three places, I liked the sound of the three places in your family itinerary just not sure if that’s ideally suited for teenagers , would you suggest switching anything? Also we are thinking of the the tree house hotel in San Carlos for 3 nights, thoughts?
We are planning dec15-28,17
also in my initial research it seemed Liberia had better flights in and out then San Jose from Seattle.  Is there a reason we should avoid Liberia over San Jose ?
gracias and all the best, Tara

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Tara, 
Those three destinations (La Fortuna, Nosara, and Manuel Antonio) would all be good for teens too, especially if they like the beach. You could also consider swapping out one of the beach destinations for Monteverde, if they are more into hiking, hanging bridges, cloud forest, etc. The Tree Houses Hotel is well liked but keep in mind that it is 35-40 minutes outside La Fortuna and more like 1 hour away from some activities on the west side of the Arenal Volcano. But if you are fine with driving, that might be okay. The only drawback for flights departing Liberia (with that itinerary) is that Manuel Anotnio is far away. But you could re-order so that you visit La Fortuna, Manuel Antonio, and then Nosara. This would get you closer to the airport for the departure. One last bit of advice is to book your hotels soon. December is filling up fast. Hope you have a great trip! 

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