debrahicks asked 6 years ago

We are arriving to Libera on Jan 21st early am and thinking of the following itinerary recognizing it is quite busy.  We like to walk, explore, engage with locals and take photos.  Here is our plan:  Rent car in Liberia La Fortuna (3 nights) – possibly jeep to Moteverde Parrita (2 nights) Drake Bay (3 nights) Quetzlaes (1 night) – need to have a half way stop Cahuita (2 nights) Tortugeuro (3 nights)  San Jose ( 2 nights) We will continue to read your blog on these locations, but if you have something additional to share, please do so.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi debrahicks, 
I’m sure your planning is probably mostly taken care of, sorry for the delay. That Itinerary will have you on the move quite a bit but you will get to explore a lot of the country. A day trip to Monteverde would probably not be worth it since most of the day you’d be traveling. Better to stick to activities in La Fortuna since there is a lot to do there. Tortuguero can be explored in 2 nights so if it’s not too late, you might want the extra day in Cahuita. That would allow you to explore more and visit Puerto Viejo to the south as a day trip. Have a great time!