110/220 Voltage and Driver Tipping

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Teja asked 6 years ago

Two quick logistical questions for first time traveling in Costa Rica:

  1. What is the voltage of wall outlets at lodging. Can we expect 110 like USA, or do we need an adapter for a voltage like 220?
  2. We have hired a driver to transport us from town to town during our 2 week stay. His prices for each leg of travel have been clearly stated and agreed upon up front. His confirmation contract states “Prices do not include gratuity,” so we assume a tip is expected. How much is the common appropriate tip amount, on top of the agreed-upon transportation cost?
1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Teja,
Yes the voltage in Costa Rica is 110V and the outlets are usually the same type as the US/Canada (type A or B). Occasionally you will find European style outlets at hotels that were built by foreigners but usually they have both types in that situation.
For tipping, it’s nice to give a tip to the driver of a private shuttle. Often they will stop to point out something interesting or suggest a great restaurant to take a break at. We’d say that around 10% of the shuttle cost would be very much appreciated. For example, $20 for a trip that takes several hours. Check out our Money Matters post for more on tipping.

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