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Johnna asked 7 years ago

I just booked airfare for my family of 6, 2 adults 4 teens for 12 days, 11 nights.  My wish list is to see Arenal, Corcavado, and Tortuguero.  We are going in the green season.  July 23 to Aug 4.  I assume to accomplish this, if its even possible,  we would need to fly to each location.  Any recommendations?  Would be greatly appreciated.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Johnna, 
That would be a fun itinerary. Flying would save a lot of time but it will be costly for a group that big. Transport between San Jose, Arenal, and Tortuguero by shuttle van is very common. I would suggest doing San Jose to Tortuguero to La Fortuna (Arenal) to Corcovado (with maybe an overnight on the way there since that is a long trek). If you’d like help with flights or shuttles let us know, we work with Nature Air and have a good private shuttle provider as well. 

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